Maria Vitchenko

Kisumu 21.09

Hello precious. Here’s a bit of news on how we are here on a mission. When there are no services, I visit our children and preteens a lot, I want to be a part of their life … we delve into the needs, we inspire… Read More »Kisumu 21.09

Mexico 20.09

New baby at Agua Y Mas….Amandalina and teen boys. Sofia on training of first aid class. Fixing our staircase, making it safe for children. Thank you for your donations IMOCE. We can’t wait to have you here with us!

Сuba 19.09

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. Here is some news from Cuba. We thank the Lord that in our country they have begun to allow a little to hold meetings and some events. And now for 3 Saturdays in a row, our team in Havana was… Read More »Сuba 19.09

Kenya 16.09

Hello everyone from sunny Kenya. I would like to share the latest events in recent times. I visited the children in the orphanage, drew the last drawings on the walls, at the moment it is becoming more and more difficult to visit them since it… Read More »Kenya 16.09

Kenya 16.09

Greetings to you, dear brothers and sisters, from Kenya. I will share with you the news this week. At Embrace, I continue to do needlework with children and play games. Also had a good time at the bonfire. I shared my testimony with the children,… Read More »Kenya 16.09

Kenya 16.09

Greetings from Kenya. I want to share what happened this Sunday: every Friday there is a meeting of the imbra workers at the imbrays, there was also a bonfire with street children. Our guys are trying to improve their knowledge. Social workers motivate street children… Read More »Kenya 16.09

Kenya 14.09

The week began with recognizing the body of a child from the children’s church. We went with the leader Oscar to check and it turned out yes, this is our Evelyn … during the night the rats had already eaten their toes and started on… Read More »Kenya 14.09

Kenya 14.09

Greetings to everyone from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. Every day there is something to be happy about and there are frustrating things. But Jesus said that our faith overcomes this world. So we get comfortable and move on without losing this precious gift – our faith!… Read More »Kenya 14.09

Kenya 09.09

I watch you brothers and sisters with the love of our Jesus Christ, do not wish God’s grace and mercy to come with you. Visit you and the team from Kenya Kitale. The service on the Embrace is going on. Many people were given a… Read More »Kenya 09.09